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Surprise about the benefits of drinking coffee

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Enjoy coffee is elegant habits of many people. It is a mild stimulant, if used with enough quantity, coffee also bring many benefits.

Many concepts, coffee is not good for health, but accidentally forget about its practical benefits. Also effective in helping the brain awake, enhance mental activity, bring about positive cheery sentiment .. drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day also brings many other benefits.


brainstorm-coffee_-surprise-1A recent survey has shown that the risk of death in men will be reduced to 10% if the use of 2-3 cups of coffee per day, the figure for women can be some difference a little, by women, in part, is influenced more by factors such as: age, body fat, factors or lifestyle education ..

Many experts said, antioxidant substances found in coffee can improve human life. Coffee, on the other hand reduces the junk food, stimulation of physical activity to improve endurance for the body.

Improve health

Coffee is a beverage containing substances powerful antioxidant; these substances important for health in many ways. We can reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis and eliminate harmful toxins of cancer; Impact also helps increasing the body’s weight.

Scientists used to test the role of coffee in sports activities and realize the significant positive change. Accordingly, the impact of coffee directly to muscles, thus helping to create a strong energy and the physical activities.

Good for the Brain


Some research showed that moderate coffee drinking (1-5 cups per day) may reduce the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease arising restrictions and Parkinson’s. The reason for this is because existing antioxidant substances in coffee may prevent some brain cells from damage.

Coffee to bring sanity to the brain, and thought-provoking, intellectually per person. Regular coffee consumption may also help overcome the problems of the spirit, enhance cognitive abilities, enabling users to make improvements easier knots.

Reduce the risk of gout

brainstorm-coffee_-surprise-3Gout, which is considered “diseases of the rich”, but now increasingly popular in both ordinary men, occurs at any age.

By mid-2007, the scientists of the University of British Columbia have discovered that gout can be pushed back to 40% if you drink 4 or more cups of coffee per day. Accordingly, drinking coffee reduces somewhat eased the pain and immobility in the joints; who often use coffee will have lower blood uric acid levels than people who rarely used. This helps repel risk.

Good for liver

This assertion has so far not been extensive research. However, in fact, regular coffee drinkers, who have cirrhosis, the liver-related diseases is relatively low. The reason is probably because caffeine, antioxidant substances found in coffee help prevent and reverse the growth of cancer cells.

Experts from the Medical University of North Carolina (United States) said that the provision of an appropriate amount of coffee per day for the body not only reduces the risk of fatty liver, but also can enhance liver health . Of course, this is only true if there is a mode using regular coffee, and scientific enough.


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