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9 things you should know before open a coffee shop

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Tturn yourself into a dictionary lived on coffee, find a really good staff and selected roasted locations open by counting people passing through that place in a certain time period.

If you want to open a coffee shop, you consider the following: Do you have a good business plan or not? You’ve got $ 150,000 construction costs and $ 50,000 more to pay staff salaries or other costs or not? If you‘ve had enough, please continue to follow the following advice of Fox.

1. you must be knowledgeable about coffee

brainstorm-coffee_mo-quan-ca-phe-1First, self-discipline yourself to work coffee, tea or any beverage you had. Understand what you are selling, learn all about coffee, from the characteristics of the trees, the coffees, the name of the farm, shot glasses and usual way. Then, share knowledge and his passion for the staff. Because if they do not have the knowledge like you, they will not be able to do good work.

2. Finding a staff good in roasting coffee

Their mission is not only professional, but also to be ready to answer your questions via phone, email or social networks at any time of day. If you find an employee so, foster good relationships and deserve for their salaries.

3. Research locations carefully before open coffee shop

brainstorm-coffee_mo-quan-ca-phe-2You need to be carefully scrutinized the house you want to buy or rent for open coffee shop. Look for a parking space around it, counting of vehicles or people passing by every hour. You should perform at various times as 2am, 8pm or 6:30 am for several days to calculate the amount of potential customers. Ask yourself: whether the driver may want to stop for a cup before going to work or not? Whether there is a stop sign or traffic light near you? Your neighborhood has many children or not? Either this place is there enough parking?

Besides, let’s research the surrounding shops again. If nearby cafe had closed, you should also find out why they failed.

4. List who can support

First, you need an experienced attorney to advise real estate contracts to buy or rent. Next, find an accountant to manage the financial and insurance professionals are always ready to help whenever you have something. Having these people around, you can be assured of sleep each night.

5. Offering a reasonable price

Price is a very complex task. Let’s calculate how much you have to sell cups of coffee per day to break even, and how much interest will you be? Replacement cost is how much product? Delivery costs how much? There is a price to this truth: If all of them complain about the price, ie it is too high. If no one complains, that is low results. When only a few people complain, you have pricing that is perfect.

But remember, the valuation is the continuous process, not just happen once. If input costs increase, revenues should also increase. Try rose slightly in a few months and see customers realize it or not. If the product and your service so outstanding, they will not care where you just raise prices. If love you, they will want to help you succeed.

A different way of pricing you should remember that according to the customer’s perception. If selling Kona coffee (Hawaii) expensive cost nearly $ 100 per kg, you will have to provide adequate information to customers recognize their value. It is the image of farmers in picking coffee farms, the information you extract profits to charity, channels of communication with customers through social networking and email ads of this coffee. If you had it all, you can be assured of selling them at prices close to $ 100 per kg.

6. Find staff enthusiasm with job


Do not hire people just know sales, find the staff always smiling and really passionate about the product, your service. When you open the store, as a model for them to follow. Take good care of employees, salaries and find those who deserve eternal optimist with big dreams.

7. research competitors

Today, there are many coffee shop. Think “Blue Ocean strategy” and seek to differentiate themselves from competitors. Keep researching for other shops within a few tens of kilometers and new attention to the open bar. Every day, ask yourself: ‘Who is this kind of business anymore, right? “. If the answer is “No”, you are on the right track.

8. Always cheerful, optimistic

There is a famous saying that: “You can change the world with a smile”. If you always be joyful because you love your shop, products, customers, you will make more sales than. Customers always want to buy from people cheerful.

9. Exit plan

brainstorm-coffee_mo-quan-ca-phe-3You should also set up a plan to withdraw as soon as the planned opening. Since may, after a few years, you will feel tired of working so hard. Look for the best employees, the financial plan for the best case and worst, and over by the daily work for staff. When can spend more time with family and friends, you can consider yourself as a successful businessman.



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